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3 Steps To Creating And Achieving Your Goals in 2017

thirteen days ago, the shout of a happy new year was all over the place. Just as fast as it came, 13 days in this year have gone. Gone because no one can recover that period again. No one. Nature abhors a vacuum. you cannot


Mobile Payment Service

With over 100 Million users of Mobile Phones in Nigeria, Mobile phone has come to stay and has now become a part of Nigerians just like a purse is to a woman.- Can”t go anywhere without it. All over the world, cash is still the


Welcome to 2017; A year of great Opportunities

Welcome to 2017. This is a brand new year that has never been lived before. No matter what the world economy is going through, there are people that will make billions of Dollars this year; a lot of people will make it to the billionaires


Making Money by writing 5 page Reports that Solves a Problem.

We are in the information age and knowledge is power. A lot of people make millions of naira just by harnessing themselves and writing a short report that solves a particular problem that people face. As we go about daily in life, there are particular


Trading in the seasonal grains and crops

Nigeria Is a country with two main climatic seasons; the rainy season and the harmattan season. While the rainy is from June to September in the northern region, it is longer in the southern states and in some states like Delta, Rivers etc, it is


Organic Farming

Organic farming is simply a method of farming that is in harmony with the environment.  It involves the elimination of hybrid seeds, chemicals as pesticides and fertilisers since all these affect the environment. A lot of health challenges have been traced to chemicals used in

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3 Differences between a resume and a CV

In this part of the world, a lot of people do not know the difference between a resume and a Curriculum Vitae so they use both interchangeably which i wrong. While both should be tailored to suit the position for which the applicant is applying


Get Your Numbers Right

It is often said that what you don’t measure, you cannot manage / improve. It cannot be more explicit than that especially when you are about starting a company. Whatever the size of the company you are planning, it is important that you have financial


Get A Lawyer For Your Business


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