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Making Money Online in 2017 Using Fiverr

Fiverr is a freelance platform that is used to provide services at affordable prices. Each service is called a gig and gig is $5.00. there are millions of services provided on fiverr. The good thing is, you can make a lot of money on fiverr as a Nigerian since you can open a paypal account and attach your card to it. Since paypal does not allow Accounts opened in Nigeria to be credited, it reduces the chances of Nigerians to make money off fiverr by providing services.

In order to make money using fiverr, you therefore need to be a freelancer. ie. you get jobs from people or organizations and you give it out as services to be provided by fiverr services providers.

Since the gigs are really cheap, it is important to be sure of the service provider you are using for your gigs. Do not assume that everybody on fiverr are specialist in providing services. That is far from the truth because I have used freelancers on fiverr that could not provide what I wanted.

For each service provider you intend to use, find out the following:
Read the profile of the gig provider to be sure he meets your expectation.
Check for the positive rating and the average response time for each gig.
Check for the number of gigs he has worked on and the rating.
Read the comments his clients left after their services. Though most providers ask their
clients to give them wonderful review, you can be sure that one or two clients will do
otherwise. look out for the negative comments to be able to know the service provider’s negative points.
Ask all the questions that you feel you should ask.
When giving out jobs, please pay for gigs that gives you the opportunity to have as many
revisions as possible.
For a good service, you will have to pay for premium (which is a multiple of basis gig)
Enjoy 2017 making money


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