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How to Write a Resume that Will Take You to Interview

A person needs a key to open the door that would bring him to the other side. And the key should be right because if not, any try would not make the door open. This is the same with applying for a certain position. Before you can enter, you need to have the right key. And that right key is your resume.

Resume is very vital for a job interview. It will either make or break your chances in getting in. So, resume should be well crafted in order for you to proceed to the next step and all the way in.

Too many people are struggling for very few work positions and for you to be able to get to the interview stage, your resume must make a lasting impression.
Writing a top-notch resume is not difficult. Here are the ways you can follow to get those interview appointments flowing:

The first thing you should know is to advertise yourself. Since all you want is attention, make a resume that involves personal advertising. Clarification: a resume, no matter how excellent and well written it is would not guarantee you the job. Getting hired all in the hands of the interviewer. So your aim in writing a resume should be getting your way to the interviewer.

How to do that?

Make a resume that would represent the whole you. But this does not mean you have to include everything from your childhood dreams to your pet’s name or else you won’t be getting any interview. As a form of advertisement, state in your resume all the relevant information that would make you fit to the job description you are applying.

If you are a fresh graduate or do not have any working experiences, mentioning your college achievements, award, special skill, seminars, trainings, and other positive things you have acquired would impress your interviewer. If you have several work experiences, you should include your past employment.

Resume should include your objectives why you apply for the job, addresses, personal information data, memberships, educational achievements, and other relevant information you think would help the potential employer to include you to the roster of interviewees.

Make a resume that contains brief description and informative sentences. These descriptions and sentences should summarize your achievements and experiences. Contain everything in one page. Add another if it is an absolute necessity.

Be creative but not to the point you are using scented papers and colorful text. Keep it formal and clean and would definitely grab the attention of the interviewer. Remember that your resume is pilled up with several other resumes, so you better make yours a good one and make a difference.

While it is not a crime to flaunt your achievements in a resume, it is a crime to exaggerate since all you have said in the resume will be tested during the interview


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