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Learn Photography In Harvard For Free-Online

BBC Research had predicted in 2011 that by 2016, the digital photography industry will be $82 Billion. This is a huge market that is widely untapped yet in Nigeria due to the fact that most people in photography business are not very grounded and have not build depth and capacity. I don’t think any tertiary institution in Nigeria teaches photography. Most of the big names in photography like Don Barber, Sunmi Smart Cole and JD Ojeikere who though self taught, brushed their skills up by attending photography school abroad. Don barber later taught photography at Yaba tech. The depth of skill can be seen in all their works.

Harvard University however has made their photography classes free by uploading it on Alison.
Photography can actually be seen as a small business with different aspects like stock, wedding, baby, nature, portrait etc which can bring in good money.

With everyone on planet earth being a photographer ( or how do you explain 2.1 billion people having smartphones) and uploading pictures and videos on facebook, instagram, it is very easy to say there is no more business for photographers.

However, most people still go to the studio to take pictures during memorable occasions.
To become a very good photographer, three things are key:

Learn photography.
It is important that you learn the basic skills from professionals. There are a lot of free tutorials online that you can take advantage of like the Havard onlinc photography classes or you can go through a paid training like the New York Institute of photography.

The road to gaining experience in any endeavour is through practice. You have to practice almost always for you to horn your skills.

To be a part of this opportunity, go to havard.


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