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Welcome to 2017; A year of great Opportunities

Welcome to 2017. This is a brand new year that has never been lived before. No matter what the world economy is going through, there are people that will make billions of Dollars this year; a lot of people will make it to the billionaires club; A lot of others will make the class of legends while a whole lot of others will just let the year pass without any tangible achievement.

If you don’t make it this year, it should not be because of not trying; hard work is still rewarded one way or the other.

The following niches still have great opportunities and can still be tapped into:

Entertainment: music. video comedy, ring tones, mobile apps

Information: Reports, blogging (specific niches)

Affiliate Marketing: Jumia, Konga

Freelance IT Consulting: Application development, Project Management.

Online Service: Social Media Marketing,  Freelance platform, Web design, ecommerce;

Considering that over 100 million people in Nigeria uses the mobile phone and more than 50% of the estimated 170 Million Nigerians are illiterates, that niche is a gold mine.

Any service on the mobile platform will sell. A surge in mobile payment will be experienced  this year.

In all of the opportunities, there is great work ahead. sleepless nights, days of frustration and discouragement but in all of these, tenacity and the power of focus is needed to have a victory.

Instead of going it all alone, ever thought of partnership? It helps reducing the risk and spread the work.  it also helps in each individual working on the turf he or she knows best.

In all you do, strive to be the best. let us all imbibe excellence which easily distinguishes people / businesses.

All the best as our dreams and vision comes to reality this year.



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