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Monthly Archives: January 2017


3 Steps Needed To Jump start a Freelance Consulting Business in Nigeria A This Time

INTRODUCTION The world is now a global village with the internet revolutionizing the world we live in. Now, you can work for people without meeting them and you get your money with no hassles. Life is now very simple if you can take advantage of


Lagos State Government Disburses 1Billion Naira To 705 Entrepreneurs

In keeping to the campaign promise of fighting unemployment in Lagos State, Governor Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode on Thursday presented cheques worth over N1billion to 705 beneficiaries of the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund (ETF) pilot scheme, charging them to utilise the funds responsibly to grow


Can Time be Truly Managed or Is it Managing Us

One of the only real resources that we all have in common is time. Everything can change but anyone has a constant 24 hours of everyday. The irony is no one can manage time. Time is linear and once the second is gone, it is

tony elumelu

Application for Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme Opens

Application portal for the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme has now been opened for budding entrepreneurs that need funding for their businesses. The programme was borne out of the need to mentor, train and fund to the tune of $100 Million in 10 years, 10,000 African


Learn Photography In Harvard For Free-Online

BBC Research had predicted in 2011 that by 2016, the digital photography industry will be $82 Billion. This is a huge market that is widely untapped yet in Nigeria due to the fact that most people in photography business are not very grounded and have


3 Steps To Creating And Achieving Your Goals in 2017

thirteen days ago, the shout of a happy new year was all over the place. Just as fast as it came, 13 days in this year have gone. Gone because no one can recover that period again. No one. Nature abhors a vacuum. you cannot


Mobile Payment Service

With over 100 Million users of Mobile Phones in Nigeria, Mobile phone has come to stay and has now become a part of Nigerians just like a purse is to a woman.- Can”t go anywhere without it. All over the world, cash is still the


Welcome to 2017; A year of great Opportunities

Welcome to 2017. This is a brand new year that has never been lived before. No matter what the world economy is going through, there are people that will make billions of Dollars this year; a lot of people will make it to the billionaires