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Making Money by writing 5 page Reports that Solves a Problem.

We are in the information age and knowledge is power. A lot of people make millions of naira just by harnessing themselves and writing a short report that solves a particular problem that people face.

As we go about daily in life, there are particular problems faced by quite a number of people that they have not been able to resolve which you can write a report on how to go about the solution. One thing you should bare in mind is that people are not willing to pay for solutions of ALL problems which means that there are a lot of people willing to pay to find solution for some problems. Those are the problems you will need to provide solutions for.  For Example, hair loss is a problem being faced by a lot of people but not most people are willing to pay to find a solution.


Some of the keys to finding a problem that people are willing to pay for is:

Is the problem an embarrassment to people that has it? One minute ejaculation, snoring

Does it cause intense pain? e.g lower back pain, postrate

Can it lead to permanent disability or death?

Will the solution bring joy to people e.g infertility


  1. Find a problem that needs an urgent solution and people are willing to pay for the solution. This is very important. there are a lot of problems around us that need solution like i have discussed earlier.  You can research on the internet using google keyword search to know the number of times the solution to the problem was searched.
  2. Research using the internet and also books to find out the solution to the problems. There must be easy steps to getting the problem solved.
  3. Write it out in a report format ready for reading. please note that most people do not have the time to read more than 5 pages of a report so make the report concise, the fonts legible for reading and well spaced. Format the report in PDF.
  4. Buy a domain name and hosting (you can use google blogger to user free domain and hosting) where you will create website through which the sales of the report ill be done.
  5. Create a website.  This website is like the physical shop where you can display your reports for sale. Note that you need to design the website so well to make it attractive to people  to visitors coming to the website.
  6. Drive Traffic : No matter how good your report is, if you dont have traffic to the website, then you will not make one single sale. for example, you have a physical shop and customers are not coming to the shop because you did not advertise, then sales cannot be made.
  7. Take Payment. There must be a way you are collecting the money being paid for the report. it is either you ask the customers to pay directly into your account or you have a payment engine displayed (interswitch, simplepay) on the website so that card payment can be made.

This is a brief explanation of how to make money by writing short articles. Send your email to get a free copy of how to make money from writing short reports.




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