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Trading in the seasonal grains and crops

Nigeria Is a country with two main climatic seasons; the rainy season and the harmattan season. While the rainy is from June to September in the northern region, it is longer in the southern states and in some states like Delta, Rivers etc, it is an all year affair.

Since there are two main climatic seasons in Nigeria, there are seasons when specific crops are cheap and seasons when same crops are expensive since just a very small fraction of Nigerian farmers practice year round farming.

Based on these,  a business minded individual can buy grains / crops during its season, store it and sell during its off season. Please note that the crops being discussed here are not perishable like tomatoes.

The following grains / crops / vegetables are easy to store and can be sold at off seasons:



Melon seeds



dried pepper

It is easier to buy these crops from farmers that mainly plant them, store and sell when the price is at its peak but you also must monitor the price. Storage facilities are provided in the areas where the crops are planted (for a fee) and you can give the facility a free hand to sell when at its peak price.

A hint for you is that for sesame seed, the price is based on the international commodity exchange market


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