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Business Series : Freelancing Part 1

Freelancing is a term used when a person is self employed and is not committed to a particular employer long-term but works with different organisations on contract basis. The contract can either be based on a project or period of days / weeks depending on the agreement.

Most freelancing jobs are those that can be done either on premises or online without necessarily being in the same location with the employer.

Freelancing is very common in the developed world where cost of man hours is high so projects are given to freelancers in countries where cost of man hours is low e.g. Pakistan, India, Bangladesh etc.

Jobs that can done by freelancers are the following:

Programming : Application Development, Testing, Mobile Apps

Graphics Design: Logo Design, T-shirt Design, Architecture.

Article Writing

Business Plan

Social media marketing

Contact Centre help Desk. etc

Most freelancers register on a platform where these jobs are listed and the freelancers bid for jobs they can do. Some freelancer platforms are elance /,, etc.

Process of Getting a Project / Job

You register on the platform stating your skills and experience. some of the platforms ask new freelancers to do a test so that the freelancer’s skill can be ascertain.

An employer gives a details description of the project / job on the platform stating the duration and the amount.

Freelancer bid for jobs that interest him / her listed on the platform. If his bid is successful, he can ask the employer to pay a commitment fee which is always a percentage of the agreed fee.

The employer pays the money into an escrow account.

Freelancer starts executing the job.

After a milestone has been reached, the freelancer requests for part payment. if the employer is satisfied with the work done, the money in the escrow account is released to the freelancer who will continue the next phase of the project.

At the end of the project, the employer grades the freelancer and writes a feedback on the freelancer. This is stored on the platform and is used to access the freelancer on a new project.


Ability to work without being guided.

Ability to work alone.

Ability to stay focused and earmark a period of time in the day when this jobs can be carried out.

The advantage of being a freelancer on these different platform mentioned is that foreign currency is earned which gives you an advantage.

Best of Luck.


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